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“In light of my own 15 year experience with chronic prostatitis, I would encourage you to continue reading about this unique product which brought my PSA down from over 4 to under 1 in six months and has kept it there for over 4 years…”

– Don M. (Colorado)


“Dr. Wheeler has been a tremendous help with getting my PSA to a regulated level. I started with a PSA of 6 and just one month into taking Peenuts, my prostatitis symptoms were completely gone. I went back to get my PSA checked at the end of the year and it was down to 2! After all of these years of dealing with prostatitis pain, I have finally found something that truly works!”

-Dan (Ohio)


“Peenuts works great! I have been using it for years and my prostatitis has not come back!”

-Ronald (South Carolina)


“My husband used to wake up me constantly in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Both of us were suffering from not getting enough rest. Peenuts has made a world of difference in his ability to sleep through night and not have to always worry about going to the bathroom. He is very grateful and so am I!”

-Margaret (Florida)


“I was taking a supplement for prostate symptoms that claimed that they were the best on the market. It seemed to work alright, but I was still suffering from frequent urination problems. After a ton of research, I stumbled upon Peenuts. It said that it was formulated by a doctor and it is the only patented prostate supplement in the world. I wasn’t sure if this was a scam but I was desperate. I took Peenuts for three months and filled out the symptom review score sheet and wouldn’t you it, my symptoms were gone! Just like that! I strongly recommend this product to any man with irritable prostate symptoms.”

-Harold (New Jersey)


“I am 83 years old. I am active, I eat healthy, and I feel great. The only problem is that my PSA is out of range. I did not want to hassle with a biopsy or any kind of procedure. After taking Peenuts, my PSA went down a little bit, but it also forced me to realize that I had prostate cancer. Dr. Wheeler found it without having to poke me using his HIFU machine and the cancer was targeted and removed. Now, I use UroStar and I am still living life the way I should be.”

-John (Florida)


“I recommend that this product to any man who wants to prevent or treat their prostatitis. I have a history of prostate cancer in my family so as a precautionary measure, I went on Peenuts. This has been a great product and my PSA is at a normal level.”

-Mark (Texas)


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