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PEENUTS® Formulary of Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:


PEENUTS® is a unique, synergistic proprietary blend of Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatories, Beta-Sitosterols, and Immune Stimulants. Study data is scientifically based noting indisputable results.


The study results are statistically and clinically significant. PEENUTS® is endorsed as a first line prostate health option. PEENUTS® is an intelligent first choice for all patients, who should expect to validate the benefit by using objective biological markers including: Voiding Symptoms, PSA, EPS, and Sexual Abilities



  •  Vitamin C

Immune Stimulant/Antioxidant

  •  Vitamin E

Immune Stimulant/ Antioxidant/

Raises HDL (good cholesterol)

  •  B6

Supports Vascular & Nervous

System Integrity/Immune Stimulant

  •  Zinc

Assists Sexual Well-being/ Immune

System Stimulant

  •  Echinacea

Immune Stimulant

  •  Garlic

Immune Stimulant/Anti-


  •  Ginkgo Biloba

Vascular Support

  •  Nettle Root

Benefits Voiding Symptoms/Source

of Bioflavonoids/Anti-Cancer Herb

  •  Pumpkin Seed

Source of Copper/Vitamin E/ Source

of Beta-Sitosterol/Essential Fatty Acids

  •  Glycine

Stimulates Growth Hormone/

Hemoglobin Synthesis

  •  Pygeum

Assists BPH/Prostatitis/Source of


  •  Alanine

Lymphocyte Immune Stimulant

  •  Saw Palmetto

Benefits BPH/Source of Beta-


  •  Selenium

Immune Stimulant/Anti-Cancer


  •  Glutamic Acid

Amino Acid for Prostate

Wellness/Counters Depression

PEENUTS® is endorsed by Urologists, Family Practitioners, and Oncologists as a first line prostate disease option.



Statistical Analysis


Comparison of PSA Levels:

Before and After Treatment with Peenuts®



The following study was conducted at The Prostate Center, Sarasota, Florida by Dr. Ronald Evan Wheeler. The purpose of the study was to test for a significant difference in the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) levels of twenty prostate cancer patients treated with the herbal formula Peenuts®. The age range of the patients was 43 years old to 72 years old. These patients were studied over a variable period from 5 months to 64 months. The study took place from April 1999 to September 2004.


Graph 1 Image


Descriptive Statistics:


Graph 2 Image


The null hypothesis: H0 that � = �0 
The alternative hypothesis: H1 that � < �0 
Level of significance: α = 0.05
Test statistic: T test

t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Unequal Variances


 Graph 3 Image



Statistical evaluation for the change in Prostate Specific Antigen, PSA levels was significant using the t-Test. The decision is to reject the null hypothesis that there was no change in PSA levels. There was a significant decrease in the PSA levels (ng/ml) of the patients after treatment with the herbal formula Peenuts®. The P value for P(T≤ t) one-tailed T test is 0.000880968. The dosage of the herbal formula Peenuts® was two capsules daily.

There are twenty subjects in the study. Two subjects, Patient Number 6 and Patient Number 20 had slight increases in their PSA levels. The other eighteen patients all had decreased PSA levels. Therefore 90% of the patients treated with the formula had decreased PSA levels.

Patient Number 18 had the largest decrease from PSA 14.4 ng/ml at diagnosis to PSA 1.9 ng/ml at follow-up after 14 months. Considering this subject to be an outlier, we re-evaluated the data using 19 patients. The results are as follows:

t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Unequal Variances


Graph 4 Image


At the significance level of alpha = 0.05: the P one-tailed test (T≤ t) is 0.00229453. Thus, there is a significant decrease in the PSA level with these 19 subjects.

Statistical evaluation of the herbal formula Peenuts® has a significant effect in reducing PSA levels in this subject group. Prostate Specific Antigen is a common measure in the prediction of Prostate Cancer. The herbal formula Peenuts® can help to lower PSA levels in most subjects. Treatment with the standard dosage of two capsules of Peenuts® daily may also be used as preventive nutrient in an effort to alter the natural history of Prostate Cancer in future studies.

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Tools were used in the statistical calculations.



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