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Power to Empty Everytime Never Urinating Too Soon

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Whats YOUR Prostate Health?

• PEENUTS® is physician tested and physician endorsed

PEENUTS® is a unique, synergistic, proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids. It has undergone a prospective, randomized double- blind study with placebo control. Check your symptoms now.


Dr. Formulated – Professional Strength Prostate Formula


A Message from our medical director Ronald E. Wheeler, M.D.

Dear Friends,

I have had an opportunity to evaluate a unique prostate nutritional formula called PEENUTS®. Developed in an effort to assist men with urinating symptoms, PSA elevation higher than 1 ng/ml, and prostate inflammation, commonly known as non-bacterial Prostatitis, I have been impressed by the clinical effectiveness that my patients have experienced.

The small walnut-sized organ, called the prostate, located beneath the bladder and surrounding the urine tube, or urethra, is involved intimately with our sexual function and vital during our fertility years. Beginning in the teen years, for many men, and extending throughout our adult lives, the prostate faces a number of challenges, including inflammation (bacterial and non-bacterial), enlargement, and/or cancer. In fact, most men commonly experience two or three of these diseases during their lifetime.

Urinating symptoms, common to Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), may be the only signal that you receive that suggests trouble lies ahead. Additionally, men who fail to recognize the importance of PSA (prostate specific antigen), and the need to track this vital male health marker, beginning at age 30, may be surprised by a cancer diagnosed in their forties or fifties. The key to prostate health is recognizing early, in our adult lives, the importance of fostering prostate health through diet, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, education, and validating the health status through a PSA, as “The Barometer of Prostate Health”. Without the use of PSA, more than half of all men will not have a clue that the prostate is not the healthy organ that it needs to be.

Through years of research, I have discovered a formula that is expected to maintain a healthy prostate, or return the prostate to its healthy state. Unlike other products, the benefit of PEENUTS® can be validated through a review of scientific biologic markers. Men are encouraged to know the importance of baseline studies, including the Voiding Symptom Index (measures urination symptoms), and PSA (which measures inflammation), prostate size, and/or Prostate Cancer. The inability of this synergistic formula to perform for you indicates additional concerns and generally the need for further studies. While, for most men, PEENUTS® is the only formula they will ever need, men who fail to be completely satisfied are encouraged to call me for a free telephone consultation. All you need to remember is that none of what I do is about selling a bottle of PEENUTS®, but rather, assuring individuals that the use of the PEENUTS® formula will improve and/or maintain the health of the prostate, for all who use it.

As a urologist, I am proud of my surgical career. As a physician, it is far more rewarding to provide a mechanism to prevent disease than to wait for individuals to develop a disease that confuses even the experts.

While all men aged 30 and above are encouraged to use the PEENUTS® formula, this concept is founded on validated clinical trials which have demonstrated the product’s effectiveness. Beyond this, PEENUTS® has become a cornerstone of my medical practice, assisting thousands of men in achieving prostate health. Therefore, I encourage you to review this website carefully, to learn more about this fascinating formula and why it makes sense for you.

While I am proud of our accomplishments, what sets us apart from our competitors, who delight in comparing themselves to PEENUTS, is our scientifically validated research, excellence in manufacturing and quality control, patient achievement identified through biological markers, effective disease suppression, predictable clinical performance, and proven effectiveness, versus the number one health risk that men face.

For a safe, cost effective, and clinically proven path to prostate health – I am confident PEENUTS® will become your ultimate male formula.

Wishing you the best in prostate health,

Ronald E. Wheeler, M.D.

PEENUTS Ingredients

Stinging Nettle


Saw Palmetto
Pygeum Africanum Bark
Bee Pollen
Pumkin Seeds